Why You Should NEVER Do THIS When You Enter A Hotel Room.

Why You Should NEVER Do THIS When You Enter A Hotel Room.

Are you planning to travel soon? Then you need to read this. Bed bugs are something everyone wants to avoid – for good reason. They are an extreme pain and something you certainly don’t want to find yourself dealing with at home. These tiny insects feed on blood from animals or humans and can lay hundreds of eggs in their lifetime. They’re about as thin as a credit card, and very difficult to detect. Needless to say bringing a single one of these monstrous little bugs home following a trip can turn into a real nightmare. But there’s a good way to avoid this. In the video below, you get several smart and useful tips from an expert on the matter named Jim, so you can both detect and avoid bedbugs when you arrive at your hotel room. After watching this, I know I will behave very differently the next time I walk into a hotel room. Take a look for yourself below.

Other tips for avoiding bugs on your trip:

* Do not put your suitcase under the bed when you stay at your hotel.
* Wash your clothes immediately upon returning home and clean your suitcase.
* Choose a bag with a hard shell when traveling. Plastic or metal are less attractive to bedbugs.

Please spread this information further, especially with anyone you know who sometimes travels or may be traveling soon, so that no one suffers a terrible bed bug predicament.

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