11 of the best photos of the 2017 Great American Eclipse!

Monday August 21, 2017 saw millions of people unite in North America as well as other parts in what was a staring contest of some kind — but they weren’t staring at each other.

They were staring at the sky trying to get a glimpse of the solar eclipse, of course.

And it wasn’t just any eclipse — the total solar eclipse has been named the ‘Great American Eclipse.’

The name refers to the eclipse being visible across the entire United States, something that hadn’t taken place since June 8, 1918!

If you missed it with your own eyes, then not to worry! Here is a list of the 11 best photographs of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, one of mother nature’s most remarakable wonders. Enjoy!

1. By ‘the accidental photographer of this once-in-a-lifetime shot.’

© Reddit/cursetenj

2. ‘To the ends of the earth.’ Talk about no filter!

© Instagram/Andrew Studer

3. ‘The Great American Eclipse as seen from Oregon.’

© Instagram/Jasman Mander

4. ‘The Day of the Eclipse.’

© flickr/Lux Obscura

5. ‘ • Ring Of Fire.’

© Instagram/Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

6. Just ‘another eclipse photo.’

© reddit/Mikey_dude

7. ‘No words.’

© Instagram/bryanminear

8. ‘The eclipse is leaving very weird shadows on my deck!’

© imgur/sleekstar

9. The first glimpses of the eclipse, from an airplane, captured by National Geographic photographer Babak Tafreshi.

© Babak Tafreshi/National Geographic

10. ‘The moment of totality.’

© Instagram/Alex Strohl

11. ‘Got Extra Lucky with this Shot During the Eclipse!’

© Reddit/BWeidlichPhoto

Wow! Absolutely breathtaking and unworldly — makes you really wonder how this kind of beauty is even possible? Did you also see the solar eclipse on August 21? Please tell us.

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