16-Year-Old ”Rapunzel” Gets Her Very First Haircut.

Up until 2009, 16-year-old Roxy was a real-life Rapunzel. Her extremely long hair was her trademark and it almost touched the ground. But with college approaching, the Virginia native decided to cut her hair for the very first time and donate her long locks to charity. Excited and nervous, Roxy donated her hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths project and enlisted “Seventeen” magazine to give her a makeover. Luckily, the magazine had cameras on hand to captured the transformation. Roxy’s stylist said her “shocking, unbelievable length,” was the longest Beautiful Lengths had ever received. And Roxy’s mom couldn’t hold back her tears of pride. So how did Roxy’s new look turn out? In a word, incredible! She was beautiful before, but now she looks fabulous. Check out Roxy’s amazing makeover below!

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