This is how a woman grew the longest nails in Russia

Woman’s world-record holding nails grew to be 33 inches long because of a bet

I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve tried to grow my nails out. They always break because of everyday wear and tear: when I’m playing sports with my friends, cooking or cleaning, or even just opening doors! There’s always something that forces me to trim all my nails down to a manageable point, no matter how well I care for them. And if they get too long, they just get in the way of everyday activities! Have you tried typing with long nails? It’s almost impossible!

But one woman in Russia isn’t bothered by long nails. Her name is Elena Shilenkova, and holds the record for the longest nails in Russia.

How much do they measure? A whopping 33 inches!

Now check out what that actually looks like:


So how and why did Elena grow out her nails?

According to the young woman the decision stemmed from a bet. One of her friends reportedly bet that she couldn’t grow her nails out longer than 5cm. She was so sure of herself that she was willing to put $3,000 on the line!

That friend probably regrets her decision: she lost—by a lot.

So how does Elena maintain her nails and prevent them from breaking?

“It’s a hard job growing your nails out. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment looking after something that is so fragile,” she said. “I am constantly wary of breaking them and looking after them can be a full-time job.

“Even when I’m sleeping, subconsciously, my mind is worrying about them—that’s why I call them my babies, because I have to take care of them.”

She added that she can’t partake in her favorite activities anymore.

“I love playing tennis, but I really can’t run the risk of tripping over and having to break my fall with my hands. I also don’t really go abroad anymore because the only thing I like doing on holiday is swimming in the sea. I can’t swim because the risk of snapping a nail is too high.”

How tragic! But for her, it’s worth it.

“People often come up to me in the street and tell me how pretty they think my nails are,” she said. “They are beautiful because they’re unique. They make me stand out from the crowd and people certainly don’t forget me in a hurry.”

Would you grow your nails out as much as Elena did?

Just think about all the things that would be hard to do: putting in contacts, typing, and even going to the bathroom. Please share if you think this would astound someone you know!