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94-Year-Old Woman Amazes The Crowd At Ballroom Dance Competition.

When Mathilda Klein showed up at this ballroom dance competition, she was 94-years-old and hunched over a walker. And until the judges called the Florida native’s name, everyone assumed Mathilda was a just spectator. So when Mathilda slowly made her way to the center of the dance floor, there’s no way the crowd could have known what they were in for. But as soon as the swing music kicked in, that all changed. Along with her decades younger dance partner, Danny Maloney, Mathilda amazed the audience as the duo effortlessly glided around the dance floor. Wearing a white 1920s flapper-style dress, Mathilda even hopped around the dance floor, making it easy to forget her age. Mathilda’s passion is dancing and it keeps youthful and in good spirits. “This is what I do,” she told the United States Amateur Roller Skating Association. “It keeps me alive.” Maloney, who at the time of the competition had been Klein’s dance partner and instructor for 11 years, is just as impressed as we are. “She’s an inspiration to me every time I dance with her,” he said. Watch Mathilda’s age-defying dance moves below!

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