Can you spot the woman hiding in this photo?

People with high IQs are better at seeing relationships and solving problems than others. And even though it doesn’t always help in regular life, it’s undeniably practical in certain situations.

Take this photo, for example. Understanding what you’re actually looking at requires a discerning intelligence—because the photographer carefully hid a model right in front of his camera.

Body painting can really play with your perception of things. One artist painted jeans on a woman and asked her to walk down the streets of Manhattan. The woman was only wearing a G-string and paint, but nobody noticed.

Other body painters focus on making their subjects blend in with backgrounds so you can barely tell that they’re there. Among these artists, Jörg Düsterwald is known for putting his models in natural settings and painting them with the colors of nature so they blend right in.

Image Source: Rumble/AWM

In one of his photographs, Düsterwald took a picture of an old gate on an autumn day. But it’s what’s hidden in the photo that has amazed thousands of people.

At first glance, the photo seems like it should be in a calendar at a gift shop. But look closer and you’ll see why Düsterwald is considered one of the best body painters in the world. Can you find the woman he placed in this photo?

(Scroll down to see the answer.)

Image Source: Rumble/AWM

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