Elderly Couple Tricks Audience And Then Gives The Crowd A Top-Notch Dance Performance.

Pete and Belulah Mae pull out all the punches in this wonderful swing dance performance… The couple has been dancing together for years, but never like this. When they get up on the dance floor, everyone starts laughing and thinks it’s a joke. But when this couple gets going, the audience is treated to a performance that’s nothing short of spectacular.

Pete and Belulah Mae take their time walking to the center of the dance floor. And when the music starts, the elderly couple gets off to a bumpy start. The audience can’t help but laugh out loud, because, let’s face it, the couple’s moves aren’t exactly graceful. But then slowly but surely, the crowd realizes what’s really going on. And it’s jaw dropping how good this couple really is.

What initially seemed to be a joke turns out to be an absolutely top flight performance. Talk about giving the audience a show they’ll never forget. Wow!

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