He Takes His Chances With A Version Of “Hallelujah”. The Judges Must Look Away When They See His Powerful Performance.

We’ve seen Irish group Celtic Thunder sing “Hallelujah”. We’ve seen award-winning violinist Rob Landes do a unique version of the classic written by Leonard Cohen. We’ve seen a choir of 165 give a huge goosebumps with their version of the song. They’re all professionals and could all handle the challenges of performing this song. But in this video, the song is performed by a young man named Matthew Chuler, a contestant in tv show “The Voice”. He knows that this song is a strong card if performed to perfection, but also a gamble given all the amazing versions already recorded and performed. Despite that he decides to give it a go. When I see the result I just want to share this beautiful performance with as many people as possible!  

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