Homeless man approaches 24-year-old and wants money – 2 minutes later she’s speechless

We tend to look at homeless people like they’re some kind of faceless people living on the street.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Homeless people also have thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

And sometimes, the people who have the least to give end up being the ones who give the most—something that 24-year-old Caroline Santana got to experience close-up.

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Caroline Santana lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

One night, she was about to take the bus home. But when she started rummaging through her bag, she realized that her bus pass was gone and she didn’t have enough money for a ticket.

Just then, a man approached her. He was obviously homeless and asked her for money.

“So I said, ‘Can you just wait a minute? I think I’ve lost my bus pass,'” Caroline Santana wrote on Facebook.

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Caroline could never have imagined the man’s response.

“How much do you need for a ticket?” the homeless man asked. “I only have 4 real, (USD $.63), but I can give it to you.”

Caroline was quite moved, but refused his money.

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“Are you sure? I can give you the money. I can’t let you walk. I can help you,” he said.

Then Caroline took another look in her bag—and found her ticket.

She thanked the homeless man for his kindness and his selfless gesture. Then, she started walking to her bus stop.

But after a few seconds, she turned back. She wanted to take a picture of the homeless man and post it on her Facebook page so that everyone could see what big heart the man had.

“Write that my name is Cesar. That’s my name!” the man requested.

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Caroline also found 2 Brazilian real in her bag and gave them to the man before they parted ways.

She wrote a Facebook post about the meeting. And since May 2016, her post has received 650,000 likes and 120,000 shares.

“Was it a simple gesture? YES! But there’s a lesson. This gentleman, who has so little, who needs to rely on others to survive, was willing to give me all that he had that night so I wouldn’t have to go home on foot. I’m sure he’s condemned by others because of his appearance—many people must think he’s badly behaved and could be a thief. But no, he has a big heart.

This story is a lesson of character, humility, wisdom and love! Never judge anyone by their appearance. God writes straight with crooked lines!”

I really believe that everyone who reads this will be inspired by this homeless man.

Nobody can do everything. But everybody can do something. And together we can do even more. Share this story on Facebook if you agree!

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