Husband Gets Emotional In Front Of Live Audience After Seeing His Radical Makeover.

Jeff had his signature long hair, beard, and overalls for so long that his wife could barely remember what he looked like without them. But she would soon see the face in her wedding photos again, as Jeff decided it was time for the beard to go. “I’m going through basically a midlife crisis. It’s time to clean it up,” Jeff said. Jeff needed a professional touch, so he and his wife appeared on the Rachael Ray Show. And when Rachael asked Jeff how far he was willing to go in his makeover, Jeff gave and answer that melted the hearts of many in the audience. “She married me with nothing on my face. I’m willing to go that far.” Rachael enlisted Elena Linares, the founder of RazzleDazzle Barbershop in Miami, to work her magic on Jeff. And when Jeff came back onstage for the big reveal, it looked like Rachael sent a model to take his place. Indeed, that’s how different Jeff looked! He went from sporting long greying hair and a shaggy beard to having a smooth-shaven baby face and a sporty haircut. And his overalls? Rachael’s stylists replaced them with smart trousers and clean-cut jacket. Jeff said he feels “amazing,” and as you’ll see, his wife was over the moon when she saw his new look. Watch the jaw-dropping transformation below!

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