In Mexico, speeders are blocked by this bump – now look what happens when the car approaches

Cars have come such a long way in the past 100 years. Advanced technology has really had an impact on man’s other ‘best friend’, making it possible for us to drive faster and faster over the years. This has also caused quite a lot of problems.

We often hear about some lunatic somewhere in the world that’s speeding way past the limit – it’s also not unusual for these nutjobs to take senseless liberties when they see no surveillance cameras or police officers.

There might just finally be a solution to this problem – thanks to this invention.

Bumps and ramps on the road are annoying and tear down the wheels of our cars. This modern speed bump however, activates only when a car is actually driving past the speed limit of that particular road. It therefore doesn’t affect all the other innocent law-abiding drivers, like you and me. 

That means that if you’re driving at the right speed, the speed bump will stay flat in the ground – but if you’re speeding, it automatically rises as you approach, which also works as a warning as it gives the driver time to slow down.

The idea has already been put into action in a few places around the world and is currently available in Mexico, where a video posted online demonstrating the invention has been seen almost 2 million times. 

Let’s put it this way – it’s no shocker this invention has gone viral. It’s a simple yet brillliant invention which solves a global problem.

Watch how it works in the clip below:

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