Introducing The World’s First “Sky Pool”. You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Ever imagined flying and swimming at the same time? Well, one architectural company apparently has. The company has used that vision as inspiration for designing this unbelievable “sky pool”. The swimming pool, to be constructed in London, UK, looks a bit like a giant glass container that essentially hangs in the air. It’s designed to be placed 10 stories up between two residential buildings. What’s certain is that you shouldn’t be afraid of heights if you’re thinking of taking a dip in this pool.  

“I wanted to do something that had never been done before,” Sean Mulryan, CEO of the architecture firm that designed the pool, told The Guardian.

He says he wants bathers to feel like they are swimming in the air – and from the renderings, it certainly looks like it will effectively do that. The pool measures 25 meters long and is three meters deep.


It will also be made up of 20-centimetre thick glass sheets– so swimmers need not fear falling through.

Despite this, I must say, I think it would still take me a bit of courage to jump into this particular swimming pool!

Skärmavbild 2015-08-28 kl. 13.44.15

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