It’s so hot in Arizona things are actually melting – just look at these pictures

Oh boy am I happy I’m not in Arizona at the moment. It sure is a hot summer in the desert state – with temperatures up to 116 Fahrenheit these days. That’s close enough to break the June 26 heat record of summer of 1990.

It’s hot to the point where it is affecting everyday life with flights being cancelled and things actually melting on the streets. Apparently on the concrete it’s 168 Fahrenheit – that’s like walking on fire.

Arizonians have now taken their frustration to the internet with a hint of humour – by posting some great pictures. Here are 10 of the best pictures circulating the web about the heatwave in Arizona at the moment.

1. “My Neighbors put up this fake rock plastic wall over the winter. It’s slowly melting away in the heat”

Source: Reddit/EClydez

2. According to BET, “Arizona isn’t that hot”

© Source: Twitter/Antonihoe

3. Life in an oven:

Source: Twitter/Adam Myers

4. “When it’s so hot in Phoenix, even the street signs are melting”

Source: Reddit/azhomie

5. “This plastic mailbox melted due to the heat in Mesa, Arizona”

Source: Reddit/imnoidiot5

6. Apparently, even puppy feet are frying

Source: Twitter/Gizmodo

7. It’s so hot that you can bake in your car

Source: imgur

8. “Arizona so hot weather map almost runs out of colors”


9. “It’s so hot in Arizona our cactus melted. It tried to morph into a jumping cholla to dive into the pool”

Source: Twitter/PeterCorbett

10. Too hot for airplanes…

Source: Twitter/WIRED

So if you’re complaining about the heat this summer maybe spare a minute or two to think about the folks in Arizona!

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