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Judge Jumps Out Of His Chair To Hit The Golden Buzzer. Now See Who’s Onstage.

There’s so much talent in this world. But still, I’m surprised when I see a group like this, who really give their all. And so apparently are the judges, who, although they must see thousands of acts, almost forget they are judges and have a genuinely good time.

These guys are really impressive!

New for this season of “America’s Got Talent” is that the judges can hit a golden buzzer that sends a contestant of their choice directly to the finals.

Simon and the other regular judges have already used their buttons. And I’m sure they regret this when the dance group Malevo goes onstage.

This group of boys and men between the ages of 17-42 show off a unique mix of dance, drumming, and even jumping rope. It’s a winning combination and it even gets a guest judge to press the golden buzzer.

Check out their performances and see if you agree with his choice:

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