Man’s discovery in his grandparents’ house impresses collectors everywhere

Discovering something from the past is exciting in itself, but when the discovery involves your own family, things really get interesting.

Reddit user “EvilEnglish” remembers his grandparents warmly. His grandmother used to read him “Treasure Island” when he was a child, and the story sparked his imagination. He even dreamed of finding his own treasure one day.

But he hardly expected that the treasure he would find would have been there the whole time… buried right under his feet.

When EvilEnglish’s grandparents passed away, they left behind their house in Tennessee. EvilEnglish inherited it and while helping clean it, he discovered something under a dirty closet carpet.

He knew he had to throw out the musty old carpet, but when he pulled it up, he made an astonishing discovery.

Under the carpet was a secret hatch…

Reddit user “EvilEnglish” made the discovery while cleaning out his grandmother and grandfather’s house. via reddit

It all started when he opened one of the closets. via reddit

Behind the door, he found a dirty, smelly carpet that he wanted to get rid of right away. via reddit

But when he pulled up the carpet, EvilEnglish saw a strange metal hatch in the floor. via reddit

Upon closer inspection, he noticed that there was a combination lock installed in the floor.

It looked very much like a safe. via reddit

First, EvilEnglish tried to pick the lock on his own. But when he realized that couldn’t do it, he called a locksmith, who was finally able to break the lock. via reddit

Now, it was time to open up the door and discover what was hidden below…

EvilEnglish says his grandparents were avid collectors, so he knew the hidden compartment would be filled with interesting things… but the treasure inside defied all of his expectations. via reddit

Scroll down to see what he found… via reddit

At first, EvilEnglish just saw a bunch of rusty, water-damaged metal boxes. via reddit

But under all the dust and dirt, he found a time capsule from the 1930s.

Among other things, it contained a coin collector album from 1937 with all the coins in mint condition. via reddit

And the more he dug, the more coin collector albums he found. via reddit

Here is just some of the treasure he found hiding under the floor. via reddit

He found a few stacks of paper money… via reddit

But mainly, he found hundreds of coins. via reddit

Several of the coins was both rare and in excellent condition. via reddit

He even found some old guns and watches… via reddit

And finally, a box full of tools. Or so it seemed… via reddit

Well, actually, it was a rusty box full of jewelry! via reddit

And the icing on the cake was a collection of several silver bullion bars.

A user on the same reddit forum, who is a coin enthusiast, said that collectors would be very interested in the coins.

But perhaps even more valuable is EvilEnglish’s memory of his grandparents, who left behind all of these cool things.

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