Man walks out of dentist appointment after waiting 40 minutes, and everyone is in agreement

We’ve all experienced it at least once in our lives: waiting at the doctor’s office.

One frustrated man took to TikTok to share his recent experience at his dentist appointment and what happened when he was forced to wait 40 minutes.

Keep reading and let us know if this is something you would do.

Dash, who goes by @e.rexion on TikTok, shared a clip on the social media site wondering aloud why it’s okay for doctors to keep patients waiting despite previously agreeing upon a specific time to meet.

“I just walked out of my dentist’s appointment because why did I schedule it six months in advance, confirm it with a text message two weeks ago, to get there and wait 40 minutes?” he wondered while sitting in his car.

“I’m sorry, I left work for this. If you guys aren’t ready, text me when to come, like, I’m fine if you said like oh come at 3.30 we’re busy.”

Dash argued that the time he spent sitting in the dentist’s office could have been better spent in his own office working.

“I could be getting paid.”


Every 10 min wait should be a 10% discount #dentist #teethcleaning #wasteoftime

♬ original sound – Dash

The majority of people seemed to be in agreement with Dash, writing: “Mine told me if I was late they’d charge me $50, I told them that applies to them as well, my time is just as important.”

“But if you’re 5 minutes late they cancel the appt.”

“This drives me crazy. Like just tell me to come later if you’re running behind.”

“I know they want to get in as many folks as possible but I think scheduling appts back to back is the worst possible idea because if something goes wrong and 1 persons appt goes long that puts everyone else behind schedule. Like, why not put a 15 minute gap between each scheduled appt just in case?”

“Let’s normalize sending invoices to Dr offices when they do this. Our time is valuable too.”

To avoid waiting for a doctor’s appointment, VeryWellHealth advises to schedule appointments first thing in the morning or immediately after lunch. However, even that might not always work.

“1st appointment of the day and I waited 40mins!!!! WTH, I’m still mad, made ME late to work,” one person shared on Dash’s TikTok.

Do you think it’s rude when you’re made to wait at a doctor’s office? Let us know your thoughts.


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