Old man sits lit up on stage – now look at the judges when 8 guys sneak up behind him

I can almost promise you that you’ve never seen anything like this before. Because the show that a dance troupe called Light Balance group recently performed on “America’s Got Talent”… it’s just so innovative.

From a pitch black auditorium and total silence to the silhouette of an old man sitting on a chair to an energetic light show with eight more synchronized dancers, the powerful performance not only captivated the audience, but also the judges.

Everyone was blown away, with Simon Cowell almost involuntarily shouting out, “Wow!”

As soon as performance was over, Tyra Banks ran down to the judges’ table and slammed down the Golden Buzzer, sending Light Balance straight to the show’s quarter finals.

Watch the amazing performance below – and share it if you also think that Light Balance deserved its Golden Buzzer!

I’ve never seen anything like that before. Don’t forget to share so more people get the chance to check out this amazing performance!

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