Out of nowhere, mother nature shows her true colors – puts on a powerful display

Mother nature works in mysterious ways. We should never underestimate her ways and potential.

When we least expect it she gives us the surprise of our lives. Sometimes she thrills us, while other times things end very badly.

A great example can be seen in this video clip from a beach in Puerto Rico.

At an enclosed beach in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, it’s business as usual for all the happy beach goers. Some people are seen soaking up the sun and getting their tan on, while others are enjoying themselves in the water on this beautiful day on the Caribbean island.

Then out of nowhere comes a powerful sign from mother nature herself. Suddenly a string of massive waves pound onto the rocks. Each wave is bigger and more powerful than the last. Luckily, the rocks protect the beach goers from being washed away. Thank goodness, ’cause otherwise we’re not sure how this would have ended. These are some massive waves we’re talking about here.

The whole spectacle was caught on camera by what seems to be a couple. You can hear them commenting on the massive waves as the water thrashes the rocks.

Watch nature work its wonders below:

We can’t help but agree with contributor Alex Scola from Matador Network. Here’s what he says about the video:

“I can’t decide which I was more impressed by: witnessing the massive wave that hits the reef islands at Playa Puerto Nuevo at 0:34, or the fact that not a single person at the whole beach seems to be remotely bothered by the event whatsoever.”

I think if it were me, I’d run for my life if I saw waves like that. What would you do?

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