Overexcited 'Price is Right' contestant suffers serious injury during game show

Overexcited ‘Price is Right’ contestant suffers serious injury during game show

A Price is Right contestant won himself a trip to the ER last week after he dislocated his shoulder while celebrating a win on the game show.

The contestant, Henry, injured himself after playing the game Bonkers where he had 30 seconds to correctly guess whether the digits for the price of a trip to Hawaii were either higher or lower.

Amazingly enough Henry won the game within seconds and he immediately began to celebrate. Unfortunately, his celebration was so intense he dislocated his shoulder as he jumped up and down and pumped his arm in the air.

The injury wasn’t evident until he returned to the game show stage to spin the wheel in order to move on to the Showcase Showdown.

Host Drew Carey revealed Henry’s wife Alice would spin the wheel for Henry due to an injury.

“Let me explain what happened,” Carey said. “This is Alice, Henry’s wife. How you doing? Henry was celebrating and going ‘Woo’ and he dislocated his shoulder.”

“He’s not going to be able to spin the wheel, but Alice is going to spin the wheel for him.”

Luckily for Henry his wife spun him a 95, landing him in the showcase.

According to the show, Henry went to the hospital after, and he’s currently doing much better.

He may not have won the showcase, but he did win a trip to Hawaii, and he’s got quite the story to tell.

Definitely a historic moment on the Price is Right!