Seller tries to rip off guy by charging $3 for rusty knife – then he takes it home and gets his revenge

There’s something satisfying about finding out the true value of things. But you don’t have to go on “Antique Roadshow” to know you have a hidden gem in your hands.

A Japanese YouTuber named Jun recently went to a secondhand shop and saw a guy trying to sell the store a rusty old knife. The shop wouldn’t buy it—even for 30 yen (about 30 cents). But Jun must have sensed something special about it when he saw it over the seller’s shoulder.

Jun went up to the guy and asked if he could buy it. The man probably thought he was a sucker and suddenly raised his asking price to 300 yen, or about $3. Jun was a little taken aback, but bought it anyway. The guy left with a smile on his face, and Jun felt like he had probably paid too much.

But what neither the seller nor the secondhand shop knew was how good the knife would become after some extreme sharpening and polishing.

In the video below, Jun takes out his knife-sharpening equipment and sets out to get his revenge on the guy who ripped him off. Watching Jun take the knife from a dull, rusty piece of junk to a highly polished work of art is mesmerizing. But the video doesn’t stop there.

Jun then puts on a virtuoso performance with his new masterpiece while his adorable cat looks on. He cuts up a variety of veggies and shows off the best knife skills I’ve ever seen in a kitchen. The result is a super satifying video that’s racked up almost 7 million views on YouTube in only two days.

A commenter on Reddit described the video like this: “This video has everything. A disgruntling sales story that ends in pro revenge, a rusty old knife being meticulously cleaned and polished into a work of art, insane cutting and artisan chopping skills, some minor food porn, a good looking man, an adorable kitty that gets scritches. 15/10, would watch again.”

After filming the video, Jun went online and found the exact same model knife selling for about $100—so it turns out Jun got an incredible deal after all. If only the guy who sold Jun the knife sees this video!

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