She Created Her Dream House With Four Shipping Containers. I Immediately Fell In Love With This.

Claudie Dubreuil from Mirabel in the Canadian province of Quebec loves building house — but not just any kind of houses. Her company, Les Collections Dubreuil, specializes in the use of recycled building materials, producing ecological and sustainable houses. So when it came to building her own safe haven, she wanted to stretch the limits of her imagination. And she did just that. I have never seen a house like this, certainly not one built from an innovative but unlikely choice of material: metal shipping containers. The results are absolutely stunning. I’m sure Claudie is extremely proud of her eco-home — pass her gorgeous creation forward if you also thought her idea was great.

Finding and purchasing the metal shipping containers was not difficult. Each cost only US $2,600 to $3,000.


The most difficult part was welding everything together and getting the engineer to adjust the blocks after Claudie’s sketches.


After months of hard work, the “building blocks” were finally in place.


Then began the real transformation… wow. The insulation was placed outside the container’s walls, between them and the outer wood panels, in order to maintain a ‘shipping container feel’ inside the house.


The interior offers some delicious detail.


The bits of brick walls and wood really contribute to a cozy, natural atmosphere.


The spiralling staircase leads up to the upper floor.


A modern kitchen has everything you could possibly need.


Next to the kitchen is an open, bright dining room with tons of space. You can sees traces of the container, which has been repainted in white.


Think finding a bathroom in a shipping container would be tough? Not in this case.


The top floor offers you relaxing bath time with a glorious view.


Notice the shower right outside on the patio as well. Cool!


What a truly unique dream house. And to think that it all started with a few shipping containers… All in all, Dubreuil spent CDN $350,000 to $400,000 (about U.S.$330,000 to $377,000), including lot, excavation, labor and materials on her dream house. Think it was worth it? I do! Leave your comments to say what you think.



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