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She Found An Abandoned Bunker. But What She Did With The Inside… Wow!

Underground bunkers tend to be a little scary but apparently they can also turn out to be a lovely home. Like in this fascinating case. This one is situated in Cornwall, Great Britain and was built during World War II. It was used as a secret radio and tracking station. The bunker was dismantled 1982 when a farmer started to conserve his potatoes inside the place. A couple of years ago it was bought by Elizabeth Strutton and she made one extreme makeover. Now it contains four living rooms, one kitchen and a beautiful patio. When I see the pictures: WOW! So cool! The video clip begins with a look at the stunning surroundings. Next you’ll see the inside and that’s when the magic begins…

Published by Newsner, please like

Published by Newsner, please like

With this link you can learn more about the project and look at more awesome pictures from the bunker.


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