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The Policeman Colored His Hair Pink And The Reason Is Amazing.

A policeman in Toronto colored his hair pink and stood up against homophobia and discrimination of homosexuals. He is now praised by people all over the world.

International Day of Pink is arranged the second Wednesday in April every year. The purpose is to celebrate diversity and stop mobbing. And also to raise awareness of the discrimination of homosexual people. It’s two Canadian students who started this initiative and the Day of Pink is celebrated all over Canada.

After being challenged by a colleague, the policeman Luke Watson, decided to color his hair pink on this special day. The picture he posted on Twitter has now been shared thousands of times.

And that’s not a color he can wash off. Luke Watson has promised to keep his pink hair one week more for every 1000 retweet he gets. Already, this picture has been retweeted over 2 500 times…

People all over the world are praising Luke Watson’s standpoint, and I agree. All human beings are equal and no one deserves to be discriminated or bullied.

Hurrah for the policeman Luke Watson! Our world needs more people like him.



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