This Camper Has Been Untouched For 63 Years. When I Look Inside? I Need This!

The 50s were a time when people had the space to think big. And it didn’t hurt that they spent their time in boxy houses and cars the size of boats. The postwar aesthetic is quite different from our comparatively minimalist and functional style, and the campers back then were certainly no exception. Nothing in this camper has changed in 63 years. In fact, looking inside it is like stepping into a time machine.

This classic trailer from 1953 is being advertised on Facebook. And because of its pristine interior, pictures of the camper are spreading like wildfire.

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Besides a bit of paint and some new floor coverings, the decor is basically the same as when it was purchased in 1953.
“The trailer needed paint and new tires and that was about it. Even the curtains appear original,” writes the owner on Facebook.

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Check out the kitchen. It’s large and spacious. I’d be honored to cook dinner here!

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All of the appliances are the original ones from the 50s. Unbelievable!

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A cup of tea and a good book in the living room? I’ll get the kettle started!

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With all this space, I would’ve thought the bathroom would be tiny, but no! It has a fully functional toilet, sink, shower…

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… And there’s even a bathtub!

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I’d be more than happy to tour around the country in this camper!

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How cozy does it look at night?

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But the icing on the cake are the big beds. How luxurious must this have been in the 50s?

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