Three people survive 30-foot fall after their hot air balloon crashes into power lines

Three people are lucky to be alive after the hot air balloon they were riding in collided with power lines Wednesday evening in Rochester, Minnesota.

The frightening scene was captured on camera.

According to police, officials believe the pilot of the balloon was attempting to land in a field alongside a highway when a gust of wind pushed the balloon into the power line.

When the basket and power lines connected several bright flashes could be seen.

“The basket became disconnected from the balloon and fell approximately 20-30 feet to the ground,” a press release stated.

Two of the three occupants reported “very minor” injuries.

A small brush fire broke out near the basket, but the local fire department was able to extinguish it.

The balloon was later located several miles away from the point of impact.

Everyone onboard the hot air balloon is extremely lucky they survived this horrific accident. I can’t even begin to imagine how scary it must have been.


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