Three-Year-Old Gymnast Stuns Ellen With Her Incredible Moves.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see piano, violin, and chess prodigies whose amazing talents blossom at the tender age or four or five. But a 3-year-old gymnastics prodigy? I never thought I’d see one with the talents of Emma Rester from El Paso, TX. The little cutie recently appeared on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and showed an unbelievable ability for complicated gymnastic techniques. But just as amazing is Emma’s winning attitude. She’s such a natural that she doesn’t even seem to know how hard the moves she’s doing are. Instead, she just beams a smile. Emma’s mom, Annie, explains that she enrolled Emma in a gymnastics class to help her daughter overcome her clumsiness. Well it seems to have worked—and then some! Ellen is in awe when Emma flips and bends her tiny body around the floor. Earlier in the episode, Ellen asked the preschooler if she’s afraid of falling. Emma’s response? “No, because then we get back up!” Watch Emma’s show-stopping gymnastics demonstration below!  

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