Veterans get up and dance to Boogie Woogie music in public airport in viral video

Veterans get up and dance to Boogie Woogie music in public airport in viral video

Honor Flights provides free flights for veterans to aid them in touring the many war memorials in Washington D.C.

As these memorials were built to honor these men, it is only right that the company would do so. 

Source: YouTube Screenshot

In 2015, a large group of veterans awaited their Honor Flight at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Their joyful experience was recorded and posted to YouTube, and the video has attracted over a million views so far. 

While waiting three women began belting “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and the calm mood in the terminal turned to one of joy as men began to start getting up to dance. 

The three women are known as the Three Ladies of Liberty, and their rendition of The Andrew Sisters’ song carried the airport patrons back to their youth. 

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The first man to stand was offered a cane by his nearby friend, which he happily refused. As can be seen in the video, he then moves into a full dance like a professional. 

As one YouTube user put it in their comment, “you can never be too old.”

The first man to dance inspired many of his peers to stand with him and begin dancing as well. Their moves have us wondering if they were all professional dancers back in the day. 

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Two of the men in the dance, Merin Perryman and Paul Kopey, are both in their 90’s! The entertainment they created inspired the nearby crowd as well as the millions of viewers they got online. 

Seeing men united by tragedy still demonstrate so much joy for life resonated with much of the public. Even other patrons of the airport got up to join the men. 

Watch the video of this happy moment below!

Who would have thought that an old song from the 1940’s could inspire so many on the Intenet today?

We thank you for your service, heroes! Our country would not be the same without your bravery and sacrifice. 

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