15 photos of pink animals that prove that our world is unspeakably beautiful

We can likely all agree that nature is amazing in so many ways, not least when it comes to the animal kingdom.

We can also all likely agree that we all need a little color in our lives sometimes… And so, why not pink?

Here are 15 pink animals – yes, pink- that actually exist in our big, great world.

I’ve unfortunately yet had the chance of seeing any of them in real life, but what’s certain is that they are simply mind-blowing. Don’t you agree?

When you think of pink animals, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the flamingo.

Flamingos’ famous pink feathers are in fact caused by the algae in which they live. The big birds are thus actually white, but obtain their pink color from the algae.

But did you know that some animals have a condition called erythrism? This condition causes them to have an abundance of red pigments, which subsequently make them, well, pink.

Another popular animal people may think of when considering ‘pink’ animals are, of course, pigs. Their pinkish color actually helps protect their skin from the sun.

Butterflies come in all shapes, sizes… and colors. So that there are pink butterflies out there is probably not a particular surprised

This bug is a kind of reddish-pink hue, but it’s no less stylish.

Katydids are usually brown or black, but here’s a pink one.

Source: Wikipedia commons

Flamingos aren’t the only pink bird out there. The rose spoonbill gets its unique color from the food it eats. Its color is also dependant on its age and location.

The Rosefinch gets its name from its color and its beautiful feathers. It can be seen in both Europe and Asia.

Australian birds can also be pink.

Source: Wikipedia commons

Even snakes and reptiles can appreciate a little pink in their lives.

This is a type of salamander from Mexico. They are highly endangered and often showcase rather bland colors such as olive green in the wild. But they may also appear white, and you guessed it – pink.

For most animals, pink could be a dangerous color as it would make them easier to perceive by predators. In this case, however, the lizard’s pinkish hue helps it blend better with its environment.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Let’s not forget the mammals. This pink dolphin is a protected race in Southeast Asia and also known as the white dolphin. It is more pink than white and the one you see below is completely pink, while others are more gray with pink spots. The Amazon River is also home to pink dolphins of a different species.

This pink elephant just brought a smile to my face. The baby elephant is albino, showcasing pale skin where there is lack of pigmen

Not only animals in nature are pink. This lagoon, located next to the Mexican fishing village of Las Coloradas, is beautifully pink due to its bright plankton and shrimp.

The lagoon is popular with tourists and it’s easy to understand why.

And here is a final incredible view. Not bad, eh?

Good thing there’s so much pink wildlife and nature on this planet for us who just love the color.

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