2 railway workers leap from train to save animal trapped under snow in nail biting rescue

It never ceases to amaze me, what humans can do when they show us their best side.

Something as simple as a smile, or maybe a favor without expecting anything in return, can give joy to those around us. This extends to animals, too; they who are often even more in need of kindness than our fellow man.

Most people have a natural fondness for animals, but it takes a special sort of affection – and a good many years practise – to know what an animal is trying to tell you.

Sometimes it’s that they’re hungry, sometimes it’s that they’re cold or in pain – they have different signals to indicate different things. Take dogs, for example, who can be incredibly expressive if you know what to look out for. Sometimes our four-legged friends even make different noises to tell us they require help, or, on other occasions, to warn of forthcoming danger.

For thousands of years, animals and humans have coexisted, with the former often helping the latter. In many ways we’ll never be able to pay animals back for the copious amounts of love and affection they’ve offered freely for generations.

When two railway workers in Austria spotted an animal in need, however, they knew they had little option but to come to its aid …

The event took place in early January, when two Austrian railway workers were in the process of clearing snow from the tracks.

At this time of year it’s not uncommon for animals to be seen by, or sometimes even on, the tracks themselves. This of course can make removing the snow more difficult.

But the source of panic this time? An animal had been there one moment and had disappeared the next, lost completely under a deluge of snow.

Fortunately, the right people were in the right place at the right time. The train itself had tried to move the animal by honking at it, but it had refused to move. As a result, it had been buried in snow by the train and couldn’t find a way out.

Two of the men jumped out the train and began digging with their shovels to free the creature, which turned out to be a chamois.

They made sure the train stopped and waited, as they weren’t prepared to leave the animal behind.

It’s definitely not something you see every day – suffice to say not all of us would jump readily into such conditions to free a trapped chamois.

Thankfully, the workers managed to save the poor animal. It took some time, but they finally got the animal free.

Captured on film

The chamois itself must have been exhausted. Had it not been for the quick-thinking and determination of the workers, it could have easily died under all that snow.

No sooner had the goat got out of the snowdrift than did it bound merrily off into the mountains.

Watch the dramatic rescue mission below:

What a great deed! It reminds us we should do our utmost to keep animals from harm.

After all, animals deserve the same compassion and kindness we afford our fellow humans.

Our thanks go out to these two gentlemen for reminding us of an important lesson!

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