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A Cat Wandered Into A Zoo’s Bear Enclosure And Now She And Her Bear Friend Are Star Attractions.

When most people visit a zoo, they’re hoping to see animals they couldn’t normally see like lions and tigers. And the star attractions tend to be exotic animals like pandas or koalas that they’d have to travel thousands of miles to see in the wild. But one zoo in California has found an unexpected attraction in the most familiar of animals—the domestic cat.

The kitty’s moment of fame started when the feral black cat wandered into the Folsom City Zoo’s bear enclosure. The hungry cat was attracted to the bear’s snacks and bravely risked angering the bears in order to fill her belly.

“Every morning we scatter dog food for the bears and she started coming into the exhibit and eating the dog food,” zookeeper Jill Faust told ABC News. “Once she started coming in here on a regular basis we started putting food out for her in the morning as well.”

This cat, whom zookeepers now call “Little Bear” may have come for the kibble, but it stayed for the friendship.

Against all odds, Little Bear befriended a bear named Sequoia. The pair have been spotted resting near each other and they even go on walks together.

“Sequoia walks right by her. She’ll walk right by Sequoia and they’ll stay pretty close to each other,” Faust said.

Visitors are shocked to see a cat with a bear and some wonder why Sequoia doesn’t harm Little Bear. But the two are both older animals who have surely mellowed with age. Still their bond just goes to show you that friends can be found in even the most unexpected places.

See the two unlikely friends in the video clip below!

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