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A Fallen Soldier’s Puppy Gives His Parents Hope.

When soldier Justin Rollins died in Iraq, his parents decided to honor him in a very special way. They searched for the puppy Justin had adopted during the war and brought it home to live with them.

This picture of Justin was taken the day before he died. When his parents saw it, they decided to try and find his puppy.

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The army helped them find the dog. When they brought it home to live with them, Justin’s parents named the dog Hero.

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Hero became a beloved family member and he was a daily reminder to Justin’s parents about what a wonderful son they had.

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One day, ABC News visited the family to do a story on Hero. But when the photographer working the story followed Hero to the backyard, something unexpected happened. The photographer looked through her camera lens and saw this amazing sight.

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It was a cloudy day, but just when the photographer pointed her camera at Hero, the clouds burst open and a beam of light shined down on the dog. It was as if Justin was there and was watching over Hero.

When the picture was published, it received a lot of attention and created debate online. Some people were convinced that Justin created the beam of light. Others thought it was a mere coincidence.

The photographer herself told told ABC: “I’m tempted to think that it was some kind of connection. But what I know happened is that it was a beautiful moment with Justin’s family. And it gave them comfort and it gave them hope.”

Justin’s parents, however, believe that their son is watching over all three of them.

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See the family’s story here:

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