After months of neglect, Silky gets ​​a total makeover

When Silky arrived at the vet’s office, the poor creature looked more like a mop than a dog.

Her coat was in tangles, large clumps of dirt hung from her fur, and she couldn’t even see.

So the staff decided to give Silky a “total makeover” and shave off all of her dirty fur.

And when they finished, they discovered an adorable little dog who was ready to be adopted by a loving home.

Before and after photos. What a difference!

Image Source: YouTube

Silky received a haircut and medical treatment at The San Jose Animal Care Center in California. And soon the little cutie was ready for a loving family to come forward and adopt her.

Watch this video to see Silky receive a much-needed haircut.

Being a dog lover, I was pretty sure there was a wonderful dog underneath all that fur. Please share if you love dogs as much as we do here at Newsner!

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