American hunter goes viral after posing with dead giraffe she’s just shot

The debate surrounding trophy hunting continues to rage, with an increasing number of people around the world opposed to the killing of majestic animals for sport.

As if the subject needed any injection of controversy, American hunter Tess Thompson Talley has gone viral after posing next to a black giraffe she shot and killed while on a hunting trip in South Africa.


Naturally, the image has sparked outrage online, with Africa Digest posting the picture to Twitter alongside the caption: “White American savage who is partly a neanderthal comes to Africa and shoot down a very rare black giraffe courtesy of South Africa stupidity. Her name is Tess Thompson Talley. Please share. If our so-called governments can’t care for our wildlife then its time we stand up and responsibility of our continent, lands, resources, and wildlife…. share share share! and let’s have a united voice against pillage of Africa, it’s the only home we have.”

Though generally viewed as a distasteful practise, trophy hunting in South Africa has proven an incredibly lucrative source of commerce for the country, and a major draw for the tourism trade. The business of letting out land for tourists to hunt and kill exotic animals is a popular one, though many locals don’t believe the financial gain outweighs the loss of South Africa’s wildlife.


Trophy hunting, the business

As per reports, between 2004 and 2014 it’s estimated around 1.7 million animal trophies were traded around the world. At least 200,000 of those animals had been classified as being threatened by extinction by the IUCN.

Of course, in recent years trophy hunting has come under serious fire from activists, and a number of countries have taken steps as a result. Brazil, India, Kenya and Botswana (amongst others) have banned the sport altogether, whilst Australia, France and the Netherlands have banned the importation of trophies of lions.

For now, South Africa remains open to those looking to hunt and kill animals, but for how long that will be the case remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure, the argument seems to be sliding in the direction of banning trophy hunting once and for all.

Do you think trophy hunting is abhorrent? Should people like Tess Thompson Talley be stopped when they try to shoot and kill majestic beasts? 

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