Animal lovers find dog in barrel – then look closer and see the scalding hot tar

Dogs are wonderful creatures. But they need loving homes to live the lives they truly deserve.

When I hear stories of homeless dogs suffering on the street, it always hurts my heart. But hearing about this dog broke my heart into a thousand pieces. Fortunately, though, this story has a happy ending, thanks to some wonderful animal advocates.

The story starts in a vacant lot in India. A few months ago, passersby noticed a little dog inside a barrel. She must have crawled inside it to keep warm one chilly night.

At first, the people who spotted her didn’t think much about it – until they looked closer and realized the tragic truth: the dog was covered in tar and couldn’t move.

The dog’s body temperature must have melted the tar, sticking her fur to the barrel. As a result, she unable to move even a little bit. And to make matters worse, the heat of the sun made the metal barrel so hot that it burned the skin on her face.

When animal advocates at Animal Aid Unlimited in Rajasthan, India heard about the dog, they headed straight to the scene.

The dog was as thirsty as can be and the Animal Aid team figured that she had been stuck in the barrel for several days without food or water. With not a minute to spare, the team gave her some water and set about getting her out of the barrel.

The dog was stuck so badly that the rescue team had no choice but to bring the whole barrel back to the Animal Aid.

They started by cutting the barrel open with a metal cutter. Then, they loosened the tar from the dog’s fur with vegetable oil. It took more than three hours to remove enough tar from the dog’s body that she could get back on her legs again.

But in the end, the dog, whom they called Asha, or Hope in Hindi, was tar-free and got her health back.

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