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Baby Is Napping With Pets When The Accident Happens. Now Keep An Eye On The Dog… Boom!

Sleeping is something that babies do a lot of. And Elsarose has found the perfect napping companions in Pebbles the cat and dog friend Nelda.

At first, this clip looks like just any other cute video of a child sleeping with pets, But then, something unexpected happens…

While baby Elsarose and dog Neida are sleeping away, Pebbles the cat takes on the role of guard and keeps an eye out for danger. And little does Pebbles know, but danger is lurking right under her nose. Then after a couple small rumbles, the cat realizes something terrible is about to happen and hurries away to safety just in time.

Babies don’t usually just sleep, but also poop in their sleep, which is exactly what happens in this hilarious video. The smelly explosion then shakes dog Nelda enough to wake her up, and her reaction made me laugh out loud!

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