Blind raccoon storms onto family’s deck, when they see who’s behind him, they can’t believe their eyes

Imagine if we looked after each other the way that animals do. What a wonderful world we would live in!

Because animals don’t care about differences — and their friendships can really cut through boundaries.

An American family got to experience this firsthand a few years ago when a raccoon visited them and brought along a couple unexpected companions.

For several years, a raccoon had greeted Eryn and her family every morning at their home in Illinois.

The raccoon was half blind, bumped into things and skittish — so Eryn made it her duty to help him.

Eryn put out breakfast for him in the morning and a second meal for him later in the day.

But one day, everything changed.

The raccoon arrived at the house as usual. But this time, he wasn’t alone — he brought along two black kittens.

The kittens followed the raccoon to his food bowl, and he shared his meal with them!

tvättbjörn och katter

From there, the trio were inseperable.

They would arrive together for meals, and when they were done, the cats would accompany their half-blind friend back to the woods like bodyguards!

Eventually, the raccoon disappeared. He had been visiting for five years, much longer than the average lifespan of a raccoon, which is 2-3 years.

“A blind/handicapped raccoon surviving at least five years is a pretty long time. He was a miracle,” Eryn said, according to Love Meow.

He had a great life, and he spent his last days with his two best friends!

tvättbjörn och katter

So what happened to the kittens? They were shattered to lose their raccoon friend — but at least they still had Eryn and her family.

Because the kittens were stray and didn’t have a mother, Eryn decided to adopt them.

She earned their trust and love and they moved into the house. After the cats were neutered and chipped in December 2014, they officially became part of the family!

The cats also made a new friend in Squirt, a cat who already lived in the house.

The two little kittens have grown up to be lovely adults. A blind raccoon led them to a loving home, and now they’re living the dream — happy and well loved!


The friendship between the kittens and the raccoon is so wonderful to see.

In this video you can see the cats walking with their dear friend and playing together in the woods!

Check out the clip here:

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