Dog runs away from home, then camera catches him bolt into doggy daycare just to join his friends 1 week later

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve likely thought about how terrifying it would be if your furry friend suddenly escaped from your home and spent days alone and scared in the wilderness. It’s an unpleasant thought, but it’s a reality many have experienced in their lifetimes. Luckily, some of these precious pets are recovered and are brought home safe and sound, while others are not so lucky.

Unfortunately, Hugo the dog’s owners were confronted with such a reality when the pup escaped from their north St. Louis county home. According to Fox 2 St. Louis, Hugo abandoned their home last week.

Little did they know that Hugo had a destination. He remained unaccounted for until this week, when a security camera at Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland in St. Ann, Missouri caught him bolting into the building after following an employee inside.

The doggy daycare is located about a mile from his home, but Hugo had to cross a median in order to get there. That means that the poor pup spent a week wandering the streets all alone!

He happens to be a frequent boarder at the pet hotel, and was apparently so attached to his friends that he was willing to travel the distance to see them. We’re just glad that this story has a happy ending!

If you’re a pet owner, you can follow these steps if your pet runs away from home.

  1. Contact Animal Control and shelters within a 60 mile radius of your home to let them know that your pet has escaped.
  2. Search the neighborhood with friends and family.
  3. Post flyers with a picture and description of your pet, along with your contact information.
  4. Search social media: strangers who find lost pets may be spreading the word online.
  5. Don’t give up!

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