Cat And Mailman Face Off In A Hilarious Daily Ritual.

It should be as easy as opening a slot and pushing a letter through, but sometimes delivering the mail can be complicated. Every day when the mailman in this hilarious video visits this house to deliver the mail, the cat known on the Internet as the “Mail Slot Menace” darts to the front door like clockwork. Then just as the mailman starts pushing a letter through the slot, out comes a menacing paw and the mailman’s daily challenge of delivering the mail begins. It’s not clear whether the cat is ferociously trying to swat the mail away or helpfully trying to snatch it up, but the result is hysterical. And it might not be so funny if the mailman wasn’t such a sport (or not wearing gloves), but he plays a long and the brings a sense of humor to his job that makes even this dicey situation a highlight of his day. Watch the mailman and the cat face off in the hilarious video below!

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