Cat dyed purple and used as a chew toy – but transformation 3 months later is wonderful

Nearly three months ago, a tiny blue cat named Smurf was rescued. Since then, he has become famous all over the world, with thousands following the brave little kitty’s remarkable recovery.

Smurf was less than 2 months old when he was left at a shelter near California.


It quickly became apparent that his fur had been dyed purple. The shelter promptly contacted Nine Lives Foundation, a rescue center for cats who have been abused.


It became clear that this latest cat had been exposed to something that is unfortunately not so uncommon, but certainly beyond inhumane. He’d been used as live bait and a chew toy for training dogs.


“My best guess is that he was used as a chew toy. We have a cat with multiple puncture wounds and abrasions,” veterinarian Monica Rudiger told The Dodo.

“He can’t tell us what happened to him, but I’ve seen this before.”


After shaving the tiny cat, more wounds were exposed.

“In our area, cats are used as bait for pit bulls every day. It’s just horrifying,” Monica adds. “That’s why you don’t offer free kittens out on the internet — they use them for whatever they want.”


Shortly after Smurf was rescued, he met a blind cat named Wanda. She was found abandoned next to a garbage bin and placed in the same cage as Smurf in the rescue center.

They hit it off immediately – and have been best friends ever since.


But the story does not end there.

It was initially feared that Smurf would remain purple for the rest of his life.


But three months after his rescue, his beautiful grey fur slowly began to grow back. Smurf has indeed become a very handsome kitty!


I am not a violent person but when I see this I would love to be able to send those who did this through the most painful thing there is … But I’m also so happy to see what Smurf looks like today!

Thank you to those who rescued & are caring for this sweet babe.

Hopefully, this story ended ended up with finding those responsible for this terrible act, they should be handed down the punishment they deserved.

SMURF update! Today SMURF was playing with his 2 new friends, feeling so much better! Thank you to everyone who has called & visited ! This little guy will undergo surgery next week to repair the large wound on his right leg/ knee but all the other wounds are healing nicely! His little friend CHERRY shown on his left, takes good care of him! They will be going into foster care next week together!

Posted by Nine Lives Foundation on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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