Clever kitty gives owner tons of affection just to try to steal his chicken

Ah, our good old kitty friends. Who doesn’t just love snuggling up next to our beloved cats with a good book or in front of the TV?

But most cat owners know one thing for a fact: cats have minds of their own. And they cuddle when, and only if, they feel like cuddling. Full stop.

It’s not otherwise easy to convince our feline friends to give us a little affection, now and then. However, as it turns out, some of the more clever, at least, have no problem doing so — when they have a very specific target in mind.



Here’s one such cat. It doesn’t hesitate to give its owner loving kisses and caresses on his neck — completely voluntarily. The skeptical owner seems to know better though…

YouTube/Francis P

Indeed, just seconds later, we discover the cat’s true motive: her owner’s meal.

The cat’s owner has prepared delicious looking chicken and has sat down to eat. But his cat just won’t have it. It gives him loads of affection, then as soon as it thinks the time is right, it reaches out for the chicken.

The owner simply can’t keep himself from laughing — and neither could I!

YouTube/Francis P

Watch the hilarious video for yourself below. What a clever cat!

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