The clip of this man and his dog is spreading like a wildfire – I can clearly see why

We all know dogs and humans get along perfectly well. There’s a reason why we call dogs man’s best friend.

Not only are dogs loyal pets but they’re also great company and adorable to look at.

No matter how much of good companions dogs might be, the lady in this family was in for a surprise when she witnessed her dog in an unusual scenario in her living room one day.


Being the nosy jokester she is, the woman decided to put a camera in her living room to hopefully catch her partner doing something silly. She knew he was always hanging out on their couch with their dog so she set up the camera facing the couch.

What did she catch on camera? Well, let’s put it this way — she sure had a giggle or two.

In the clip, we see how her partner and their dog are sitting together on the couch. Then they look at each other… and start dancing.

Yes, that’s right — I’m not just talking about the owner. The dog is busting out some serious moves and in sync with his owner. They’ve got their own cute choreography going on and it’s one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen.

The clip has had almost 28 million views and I can clearly see why — it’s just brilliant!

Have a look for yourself below — I guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

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