Compassionate heroes fight to save animals from Louisiana floods

In the last few days, southern Louisiana and Mississippi have been hit by severe flooding. And it’s not just the humans who have suffered—many animals have also been affected.

But across the region—including at one animal shelter in New Orleans—people have been working hard to save as many as possible.

The water rose so high in parts of New Orleans that Denhamn Springs Animal Shelter was almost completely covered under water. Only the roof of the building remained visible.

Fortunately, many people have been risking their lives to save the beloved animals.

“The dedicated staff and volunteers fought to save as many animals as possible from the flood waters,” the shelter wrote on GoFundMe, where they are collecting money for their rescue work.

The situation got so dire that the staff had to unlatch kennel doors and let the dogs swim out and climb up onto the roof. Later, a boat came and brought the animals to safety.

Neighbors and volunteers have helped take care of the dogs. Now, the animals are being given food, warmth, and temporary homes. And the staff is working hard to find safe, loving homes for the animals.

This little cat was rescued from the water and wrapped in a towel to keep him warm. One look at his eyes shows how grateful he is to have been rescued.

This man rescued a boatful of sheep that were drowning in a field. He managed to take them to a safe and dry place. Amazing! This really warms my heart!

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement has rescued 464 animals, and rescue efforts continue to help animals in need.

I want to thank all the wonderful people who are struggling to save animals in such difficult situations. You really are heroes!

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