Cows Destined For Slaughterhouse Jump For Joy When They’re Given Freedom Instead.

You might think that freedom is just a human concept, and one too complicated for animals to understand. But this video shows that that is clearly not the case. When 25 cows are given their freedom and allowed to roam the pastures without even having to provide milk in return, they can barely control their joy. These are truly the happiest cows I’ve ever seen!  

Twenty-five milk cows in Overath, Germany had stopped producing milk and were no longer useful to their owner. Therefore, the farmer decided to cut his losses and send the cows to the local slaughterhouse. But when a local animal protection organization called “Save the Cows” heard about the situation, they decided to do something about about it.

The organization, spearheaded by Anke Heublein, went to the farm to save the cows. And with their freedom payed for, the cows only had to wait until the cold German winter ended to get out of their barn and head out to the pastures to enjoy their new life.

In this wonderful video, the cows leave their barn for the first time in months. At first they walk carefully, but when they realize that they’re free and not headed to the slaughterhouse, they’re overjoyed.

Cows tend to be happy when they walk out to the pasture, but these cows take it to the next level. I couldn’t help but smile seeing these gentle creatures finally enjoying the life they deserve.

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