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Distraught Mom Is Reunited With Her Puppies And She Can’t Believe Her Eyes.

In early June, Rachel Sylvester, of Cape Town, South Africa, received a text message about a litter of seven puppies that needed help. The owner agreed to give Rachel all seven pups, but not their mother. Rachel runs an animal rescue organization called Sidewalk Specials. It works with homeless street dogs and places them in safe homes. Rachel says about the work she does: “Most of my rescues are straight from the streets, or called into me by vets who would otherwise have no option but to euthanize.” So as someone who’s seen it all, Rachel asked, “How bad can it be?” and took in the puppies. But when she went to retrieve the puppies, Rachel found them in terrible condition. They were infested with fleas, ticks, and worms, and they also seemed to miss their mom terribly. Rachel knew it was only a matter of time before their mother would also feel depressed, so she was determined to save the puppies’ mom before it was too late. After many ifs and buts, the owner of the mother dog agreed to give her to Rachel. And when Rachel finally brought the dog home, the payoff was immediate. Just wait until you see the mother’s reaction when she sees her adorable little darlings standing behind her!  

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