Dog Abandoned By Her Owners Is SUPER Excited To Have A New Family.

Coso is a 7-year-old dog that has not had it easy in life. Her old family dropped her off at a shelter after deciding they were unable to take care of her anymore. Unfortunately, she is not alone in this tragic fate. Thousands of dogs are abandoned by their owners around the world and many of them end their lives on the street. But Coso was lucky.

Coso was left at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne in Australia by her previous owner. It isn’t clear why she was abandoned by them – but it is suspected that they could not afford to take care of her anymore.

Being abandoned by her family was no doubt a terrible experience for her. She could never understand why they suddenly did not want her anymore. But luckily, Coso did not have to wait long before a new family showed up at the shelter, seeking a lovable new addition to their family.

The Lort Smith Animal Hospital had just weeks before posted a picture of lovable Coso on their hisFacebook page. As a result of this, Coso would soon meet his new owners for the first time. And one thing is certain: She was absolutely thrilled to meet her new family!

Just take a look at this picture, where she extends up both her front paws in the air and smiles ear to ear. What a happy day for Coso, and a happy sight for all animal lovers!

Remember to NEVER get a dog if you can not take care of it for 10-15 years. For Coso ended it well, but many other dogs abandoned by their owners do not have the same luck.

Good luck in your new life sweet Coso! I expect it will be wonderful:) strong>

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