Dog Had All But Given Up After 126 Days At Shelter. Then One Day, Everything Changed.

One day in January, the Carson Animal Care Center accepted a small pit bull named Titus. The approximately two-year-old dog had been abandoned by his owners and needed a new home. But with all due respect to the animal shelter and the amazing people who work there, every animal needs a family that can give them love, care, and a life of freedom. Four months passed, but no one came forward to adopt Titus. The story was about to take a dark turn when Titus showed signs of giving up, but after he made it through the worst, something wonderful happened that was also captured on film.

On January 20, two-year Titus was abandoned. His owner left him at an animal shelter and wrote down his name, but gave no other details whatsoever.

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Staff at the Carson Animal Care Center immediately took care of Titus, who lay by a window waiting for his owner to come back.

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But his owner never returned, and thus, Titus’ heart was broken. He lost his appetite and became confused.

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The warm and loving people at the shelter knew they needed to find a new family for the well-mannered pit bull as soon as possible. They searched frantically on Facebook, but without result.

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Titus was about to give up. But then, after a total of 126 days at the animal shelter, everything changed. Some kind people finally came in to adopt Titus!

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Titus was overjoyed. He had a new family!

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The Carson Animal Care Center then posted a video on Facebook of Titus being picked up and taking his first walk with his new family.

“He is a ladies man and very strong so to be extra safe he had a few women walking him out. Happy life sweet Titus,” they wrote. Check out this video—it shows how much Titus is enjoying his life in freedom!

I’m so happy that Titus found a family that could give him love and care. If you agree, share this arcleti with your animal-loving friends so they too can learn about Titus’ story!

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