Dog is silent in the car — until her favorite song comes on the radio

You come home from work and you’re greeted by your puppy who wants to tell you all about their day. Or maybe your older dog is in a god mood and wants to chat with you a little bit. Or perhaps your pooch just wants to ask for a little food… No matter what, it’s always cute when our dogs talk to us.

The beautiful black-and-white mix Honey and her mom, Melissa, however, have taken it one step further. They don’t just talk to each other—they also enjoy singing duets together in the car.

Honey’s absolute favorite is Michael Jackson’s classic “Will You Be There.” And when it comes on the car radio, she just can’t help but join in.

Out of nowhere, Honey starts singing along with the humming choir in the song’s intro. But once the first verse kicks in, Honey starts singing like she knows all of the words—and she’s joined, of course, with her dear mom, who’s trying her best not to laugh.

Don’t miss this unforgettable performance of a dog and her human, who apparently very much enjoy each other’s company:

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