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Dog Knows His Owner Has Cancer Before Doctors Realize It.

Max is a red collie mix that lives with his owner, Maureen in the UK. And he has some remarkable powers of observation that other dogs have but usually go unnoticed. For instance, Max can tell when he and Maureen are about to go for a walk before she even realizes she wants to take him for one. But in 2008, it was time for Maureen to notice something unusual about Max. “I thought Max was fading. He was 9 1/2. I was preparing myself for losing him because he just wasn’t happy,” Maureen says in the video below. Max suddenly refused to sit on her lap, he looked at her with despair in his eyes—and in few odd moments, he went up to Maureen and tapped her breast. After Maureen thought about it for a little while, she suddenly realized why Max was behaving so strangely…

Maureen had recently found a small lump in her breast, but her mammogram came back clear, so she put Max’s behavior out of her mind. Then one day, her eyes caught Max’s eyes in the mirror and he gave her that same desperate look.

As a true animal lover, Maureen trusted what Max was trying to tell her and decided to have herself tested again for cancer. When the initial tests came back negative, Maureen requested a surgical biopsy to the clear her suspicion up once and for all.

And at this point, the doctors realized what Max already knew: Maureen had cancer cells in one of her breasts.

Maureen soon had the cells removed, and when she did, Max’s mood completely changed. He knew that Maureen was okay and he went back to his old lap-sitting self. Amazing!

Watch the video below to hear more about Max’s story and to find out what else dogs can sense about us. For instance, did you know that dogs can tell when a diabetic person’s sugar levels are dangerously low?

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