Dog pees on guy’s back so he kicks it – a few days later the truth leaves everyone in shock

No matter how much of an animal and dog lover you might be, I think it’s safe to say that you would never want to be peed on by one.

Might sound very unlikely but it does happen.

Just ask Heinze Sánchez, a 27 year-old-man from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A camera caught the moment a stray dog came up to him and urinated on his back. The man got so angry that he tried to kick the dog.

The clip later made its way onto the internet and spread like a wildfire. The man was immediately criticized for his reaction.

Heinze also felt bad about what he did and therefore decided to do something really wonderful. Keep reading to find out what it was he did.

Facebook/Heinze Sánchez

This sweet and naughty little puppy must have thought that the back of Heinze Sanchez was the perfect place to pee and didn’t think twice about doing it.

perro meando
YouTube/Azhar Butt

The second Heinze noticed, he jumped up and tried to kick the dog but the dog managed to run off before he was hurt.

patada a perro
YouTube/Azhar Butt

After the clip made its way onto the internet, many people criticized Heinze for trying to kick the dog. The man therefore felt he had to explain his reaction and do something to make things right.

“I shooed him away with my leg. It was an instinctive reaction but I had no intention of hurting him,” Heinze explained in a Facebook post. In fact, another dog approached me and I said to him ‘Did you see what your friend just did to me?'”

After the unfortunate incident and all the negative feedback online, Heinze felt so bad that he went back to the same neighborhood to look for the dog.

“I searched the neighborhood, asking around if the dog had an owner,” Heinze says. “When I found him, I called him over and he came up to me, wagging his tail.”

The two then started playing and did so for a while.

Heinze then made a decision that is truly admirable, we might even forgive him for trying to kick the dog.

“So I decided to take him home and he came with me. He is pretty obedient, never goes too far away and cries every time I leave the house,” Heinze says. “He did make a small mess in the neighbor’s house once but he’s a good dog.”

Facebook/Heinze Sánchez,

Heinze named his new friend Enzo. “I named him that because I always said that when I would have a child, his name would be Enzo. Now, he’s living with me and is fed and washed.”

Below you can watch the famous clip of the tragic and unpleasant incident that led to a very happy ending.

I understand the guy’s anger when he notices a dog is peeing on his back but kicking him is not the solution — which he himself later realized. I’m glad he paid his dues and did something as nice and generous as taking responsibility for the puppy.

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