Dog stolen 2 years ago and put into cockfighting ring – owner recognizes her through pic on the news

By now, read and written about enough tragic animal stories to last me a lifetime.

My heart grows heavy every time I have to share another tale of woe involving a dog or a cat, but it’s something that needs to be done if we’re to raise awareness of the terrible plight some animals face.

This particular story focuses on dog owner April and her beloved pit bull, Nina, who was stolen two years ago.

When April’s brown pit bull Nina went missing, her and her family walked miles and miles in search of their sweet girl. They offered a reward for her safe return, but not so much as a hair turned up.

You can imagine April’s surprise, then, when she spotted a photo on the news of a familiar looking dog who had suffered abuse at the hands of a cockfighting ring.

YouTube / WPDE ABC15

As per reports, April knew instantly that the dog she was looking at was her Nina. She contacted the shelter where the dog was located, and a reunion was quickly arranged.

Through all the tears and the relief at having found Nina again, April was given one ray of light; her girl had recently given birth to a litter of no less than ten puppies!

YouTube / WPDE ABC15

Against all the odds, April and Nina were brought back together, two whole years since April gave up hope of ever seeing her dog again.

Though it’s true Nina’s life away from April must have been one of torment and horror, she’ll now be able to spend the rest of her life doing what a dog should do. 

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